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H.O.D. Presents High in the Sky at Arts, Beats & Eats

H.O.D. Presents High in the Sky at Arts, Beats & Eats

Event Start:

Friday, September 1, 2023

Event End:

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

H.O.D. Presents High in the Sky at Arts, Beats & Eats - High in the Sky presented by House of Dank highlights innovations, products, and culture in the cannabis industry, with areas to purchase and enjoy high-quality products from over 10 of the finest brands. We aim to stand as a beacon of positivity, inclusivity, and connectivity. House of Dank aims to showcase the best of what the industry has to offer, by creating an inviting environment for those interested in exploring to learn and partake in a safe space. The goal is to create an unforgettable experience that welcomes both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers. The festival includes a full lineup of 200-plus music acts and family entertainers on nine stages, along with dozens of participating restaurants and food vendors. Welcome to Dankland 18+ - An immersive pop-up experience located on 6th and Center Street. Discover exclusive merch, indulge in interactive partner installations, and unwind in our lounge seating and high tops. Upon entering the warm, welcoming, and brightly colored destination, visitors will find themselves surrounded by clouds and all things that take them "HIGHER". Experience vibrant live entertainment and music throughout the day and night. It's a world unto itself where each moment is unforgettable. Featuring Live Music and Entertainment, Celebrity Performances, and Fashion Show - all viewable from the H.O.D. lounge seating and hightops. Welcome to Dankway 21+ - Located on 7th St. between Washington and Center, This space provides a curated experience for festival-goers aged 21 and older, providing a designated space to explore, purchase, and enjoy cannabis products. DankWay is a dedicated space for all things cannabis, allowing visitors over 21 to engage with "budtenders" and discuss various aspects of cannabis. Within DankWay, an array of cannabis products will be available for purchase, including flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, and edibles. Once customers have purchased our top brands, they can easily proceed to the nearby consumption area, complete with lounge seating and goodies, to enjoy their chosen products.

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